200 youths carried out pre-dawn raid at temple, says witness

Around 200 young people, generally equipped with sticks, raged the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Subang Jaya at around 2am on Nov 26, 2018, to assume responsibility for the premises, the officers’ court heard today.

M Nagaraju, who drives a group in the sanctuary council, said around 200 plastic seats and window glass boards in the sanctuary corridor were broken, and three vehicles left external the premises were harmed. a

The tenth arraignment observer in the preliminary of 17 men accused of revolting said the young people came into the premises from the rear of the sanctuary to pursue aficionados away and assume responsibility for the site for an engineer.

“There were around 20 individuals, remembering me for the sanctuary, and they undermined us and advised us to clear the spot,” he said when analyzed by agent public investigator Natasha Azmi.Nagaraju, 66, said he encouraged the enthusiasts to leave without fighting as he didn’t need anybody to be hurt.

Notwithstanding, a four-wheel-drive vehicle conveying two men accepted to address the engineer One City Sdn Bhd, advised a portion of the adolescents to keep six aficionados.

“We were accompanied and held in the sanctuary lobby,” he said, adding that police showed up at the scene around 4am and figured out how to capture 17 men, yet the others got away.

Nagaraju said he was at the sanctuary kitchen at around 12.30am with a few others, preparing nourishment for the lovers who might show up later in the day to commend the Ayyappan celebration.

He said the sanctuary agent was additionally planned to have a conversation with the designer about giving them an opportunity to stay at the current site before a migration.

Nagaraju said he didn’t perceive the young people who came that morning as it was an enormous gathering and the occurrence happened three years prior.

Notwithstanding, he had the option to recognize one of the blamed, Muhammad Saifullah Abdullah, when officer Muhammad Iskandar Zainol requested them to eliminate their facial coverings.

“He was with two different young people when the six of us were kept in the corridor. I asked him what they were doing and he answered that they were paid to enter the sanctuary,” Nagaraju said.

Questioned by legal advisor Mohd Hezri Shaharil, Nagaraju said he was uncertain if the 200 adolescents included Indians and Chinese.

To an inquiry by legal advisor R Kirthiraj, who is showing up for Saifullah, Nagaraju excused an idea that his customer (Saifullah) was there to shield the six from any mischief from others.

Notwithstanding, Nagaraju concurred with counsel Azlan Abd Roni that the landowner had made a few endeavors to migrate the sanctuary.

The observer additionally concurred that the climate between the agent of the landowner and the sanctuary council would be tense on such an event and that the activity must be deferred.

Aside from Saifullah, the 16 are Muhammad Riduan Sekh Ruslan, Irwan Noordin, Mohamad Khairi Abdul Rashid, Rozaihan Zakaria, Muhammad Qayyum Mohd Faisal, Mohd Ashraf Mohd Faizal, Absal Eastrie Abdullah, Mohamed Jalil Talib, Muhammad Khairol Anuar Zabidi,Mohd Zamri Md Said, Shukri Razali, Nor Azmi Abdul Ghani, Mohammad Shahril Danniel Sajeel, Muhammad Hasneezam Shah Samsudin, Akmal Izzat Azi and Mohd Norul Ismawi Islahuddin.

Matured somewhere in the range of 23 and 46, they are accused of revolting and being in control of perilous weapons somewhere in the range of 2am and 5am on Nov 26. The offense under Section 148 of the Penal Code conveys a most extreme prison term of five years or a fine or both, upon conviction.

Hearing is dismissed to Dec 20.