Buying Bali hotel has nothing to do with helping the poor, Zahid’s trial told

The indictment in Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s defilement preliminary said that a bid by his little girl, Nurulhidayah, to purchase a lodging in Bali, Indonesia, five years prior steered clear of aiding the helpless local area in this country.

Delegate public examiner Raja Rozela Raja Toran said an amount of RM17.9 million was taken from his Yayasan Akalbudi’s decent store records to gain the lodging’s portions.

The court recently heard that RM8.6 million of the RM17.9 million was paid as store to purchase shares from Abdul Rashid Abdul Manan, the then head of inn the executives firm Ri-Yaz Assets Sdn Bhd.

Notwithstanding, Nurulhidayah’s offered to purchase the offers fizzled and she then, at that point, requested the RM8.6 million store to be discounted.

“We can see the genuine object was to help the charged’s (Zahid) little girl to buy this inn.

“In any event, briefly, ‘if we somehow happened to acknowledge that RM17.9 million was an ‘interest’ in the inn, how was that expected to help the poor in the country?” Rozela inquired.

Zahid is being investigated on 47 charges of illegal tax avoidance and CBT including assets from Yayasan Akalbudi, and taking kickbacks for different undertakings during his residency as home clergyman.

Twelve of the charges are intended for CBT, eight for defilement, and the excess 27 for tax evasion.

Rozela let the court know that declaration from attorney Muralidharan Balan Pillai from Lewis and Co showed that Nurulhidayah was not a “intermediary” of Yayasan Akalbudi in Ri-Yaz.

“There was nothing in the offers’ deal and buy consent to say she was an intermediary dealing with Yayasan Akalbudi’s advantage,” she added.

The indictment likewise said Zahid’s previous assistant Mazlina Mazlan @ Ramly was reliable in her declaration that he allowed her to stamp marks on Yayasan Akalbudi’s checks for Visa installment.

“The protection attempted to challenge her on that however she stood firm. They even attempted to move the fault to her by saying she was the person who kept the check books and mark stamp in a cabinet, not the blamed.

“This is only a reason. The charged was her chief, and on the off chance that he can ‘manager’ his trustees around, for what reason can’t the supervisor advise Mazlina to open the cabinet?” Rozela said.

The meeting forges ahead Monday under the watchful eye of High Court judge Collin Lawrence Sequerah.