Housewife admits she was not at scene of Seafield temple riot on Nov 26

An arraignment witness today conceded to a legal counselor that she was not at the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Subang Jaya in the extremely early times of Nov 26, 2018, when 17 men were accused of revolting there with weapons.

S Puvana, 33, however, had the option to recognize four of the denounced in the judge’s court today.

The housewife told legal counselor Azlan Abd Roni that somewhere in the range of 2am and 5am on Nov 26, 2018 she was at home doing family errands, including cooking.

The 10th observer said this when questioned by Azlan in the event that she realized all the blamed who were accused of submitting the offense around then.

Azlan: I put it to you that you never met the blamed in the extremely early times for Nov 26 as you were at home.

Puvana: Yes.

The observer, who is in a high level phase of pregnancy, said she held up a police report about the revolting occurrence yet she didn’t have a duplicate of the report.

To an inquiry by another attorney Ahmad Hafiz A Bakar, Puvana said the substance of her observer proclamation which she read before in court were valid.

In her observer explanation, Puvana had said she went to the sanctuary with relatives at around 7.30pm on Nov 26 to direct petitions for her better half and a cousin, N Uvaraj. She said the sanctuary was tranquil and there were around 20 aficionados in the premises.

Puvana said that at around 12.30am on Nov 27, she returned home with her mom to change. They returned an hour after the fact.

“There was turmoil in the sanctuary and I saw around 200 Malay men furnished with parang and sticks. Some were wearing covers and the entryway to the sanctuary had been broken,” Puvana said, adding that she went to search for her significant other.

Puvana said she heard a portion of the interlopers shouting and requesting that the lovers leave the sanctuary.

“Uvaraj and I were going to my vehicle left at the sanctuary street shoulder. One Malay youth pushed Uvaraj and set a parang to his neck,” she said, adding that the man didn’t cause any injury.

Puvana said a few adolescents then, at that point, tossed stones and her cousin, R Gunavathy, was harmed.

She said the police then, at that point, shown up at the scene after she settled on a few decisions.

Puvana said she didn’t observer fire fighters being assaulted, including one who was supposed to be harmed, or fire motors being singed.

The 17 charged are Muhammad Riduan Sekh Ruslan, Irwan Noordin, Mohamad Khairi Abdul Rashid, Rozaihan Zakaria, Muhammad Qayyum Mohd Faisal, Mohd Ashraf Mohd Faizal, Absal Eastrie Abdullah, Mohamed Jalil Talib, Muhammad Khairol Anuar Zabidi,Mohd Zamri Md Said, Shukri Razali, Nor Azmi Abdul Ghani, Mohammad Shahril Danniel Sajeel, Muhammad Saifullah Abdullah, Muhammad Hasneezam Shah Samsudin, Akmal Izzat Aziz and Mohd Norul Ismawi Islahuddin,

One more blamed Afizal Sabtu, who was accused of the rest, has since kicked the bucket.

They are accused of revolting and possessing hazardous weapons in the extremely early times of Nov 26. The offense under Section 148 of the Penal Code conveys a most extreme prison term of five years or a fine or both, upon conviction.

Puvana, nonetheless, later distinguished Rohaizan, Zambri, Shahril and Saifullah as being among the adolescents who she said were at the sanctuary that morning (Nov 27).

“I clearly recollect Saifullah as he addressed me in Tamil that they came to take care of an issue,” she said when further inspected by representative public investigator Natasha Azmi.

Hearing before judge Muhammad Iskandar Zainol was suspended to Oct 14