Petronas-linked firm seeks cancellation of arrest warrant against ex-officer

PetroDar Operating Company (PDOC), a Sudanese joint endeavor firm in which Petronas has an interest, is trying to drop a “illegitimate” capture warrant gave to a previous official.

Petronas said the warrant was corresponding to worker’s organization claims made against PDOC.

“PDOC’s outer advice is currently dropping the warrant of capture,” the public petrol organization said in an assertion.

It said the matter was disconnected to continuous procedures to recover its privileges over the Petronas complex and its property in Khartoum.

Petronas said it had petitioned for discretion in the Petronas complex case with the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes.

It had been accounted for that the Sudanese government was hoping to hold onto Petronas’ property as a feature of its enemy of defilement endeavors following the ouster of previous president Omar al-Bashir in 2019.

Sudan’s Empowerment Removal, Anti-Corruption and Money Retrieving Committee has been entrusted with checking on arrangements and recuperating resources purportedly gained unlawfully during Omar’s organization.